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Timberlake Rose Rock Museum

The beauty of God's wonder abounds in the state of Oklahoma. From the selenite of the northwest, the barite rose rock of the central part of the state, to the southeastern quartz crystals, collectors seek these hidden treasures. Rose rocks are sought after and prized worldwide because of their beautiful rose-like appearance. Join us as we expound upon this unique creation.
view of a rose rock looking down into the center and showing a prime example of the rose like petals

The Rose Rock

Within the Garber sandstone,
A barite crystal grew,
The Oklahoma sand
Gave it a reddish hue.

Seawater bathed it; and,
As a flower grows,
God formed its shape
Into a lovely rose.

Nancy Ann Stine
© 1977

© 2000; Timberlake Rose Rock Museum and Ascender Commerce.
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