Joe and Nancy Stine have been creating these rose rock masterpieces since 1971. They can be ordered by mail or purchased at the museum. A catalog is available. joe and nancy stine, 1984
rose rocksgarden and cattails This sculpture is about six inches high and consists of five small rose rocks fashioned into a base rock with small copper cattails and copper leaves.
the copper tree wtih scissor-tailed flycatcher on a rose rock base Copper rose leaf sculpture with best quality roses among the leaves, a Scissortailed Flycatcher hovering above. The bird is made of copper and steel, and fashioned with a small welding torch.
the scissor-taile flycather sitting among indian blankets, cattails, and other flowers This is one of our favorites. This one follows our state emblems by using a rose rock base, a scissortailed flycatcher, and indian blankets. We are sure you will love this one as much as we do.
two coppermailboxes, each on a rose rock base Copper mailboxes about 3" and 6" with tiny birdnest & eggs inside. The larger one features a handfashioned clay bluebird.
a rose rock sculpture wall hanging Rose Rock wall arrangement made with copper leaves and Scissortailed Flycatchers. These birds are similar to the third photo from top. There are about eight high quality roses about nickel to quarter size nestled among the leaves. Size about 12".


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