a small single barite rose rock      Oklahoma and All Its Wonder
Or at least some of it.

Let's explore what our wonderful state has to offer. We will start with a small tour of items located nearby that you can visit. Then we shall move ever more outward.

Places to visit in Noble, OK

United Design - United Design is one of the world's foremost designers of home and garden decor, photo frames, and animal figurines.

Thunder Valley Raceway - Drag racing at its best. See locals and nationals compete for "bragging rights". You will be able to see golf carts, motorcycles, pro street, and more.

Wild Care Wildlife Sanctuary - Wild Care takes in wounded and orphaned animals of all types and nurses them back to health. We know of many animals they have helped over the years. Although, not open for visits all year they could use your donation to help with the animals.

Let's go to Norman

Visit Oklahoma City

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